Silver Lining: our two favorite smoothies

September 19, 2016

our two favorite smoothies

As the days get slowly cooler here in Arizona, we've been venturing out for more outdoor activities. The twins are slowly getting on a dependable schedule, and we've been trying to implement more regular morning routines around here. Claire loves to be outside, so the routine usually involves a quick walk with the twins in the double stroller, followed by our daily smoothies. Today I wanted to share our two favorite smoothie recipes. Because doesn't a yummy, protein-packed fruit and vegetable smoothie just hit the spot after a nice long walk?


This is probably our favorite smoothie. I mean, chocolate, need I say more?! I also like that we can sneak in spinach, because plain leafy greens is one of only two foods my daughter won't eat. (The other food is tomatoes - apparently we didn't introduce her to salad early enough in life?). 

For two large servings:
3-4 scoops OLLY chocolate smoothie (nourishing powder or kids smoothie powder)
1 frozen banana
16 oz milk
1 Tbsp peanut butter
handful of fresh spinach leaves
ice cubes (optional, to achieve desired thickness)


What I love about this smoothie is that it's really really really really hard to mess up. In fact, writing out an actual recipe is difficult because I usually throw stuff in that sounds good and see what I end up with. As long as you stick to the same basic taste family, you should be good.

For two large servings:
8-12 oz milk
6 oz yogurt (any flavor will do!)
1 banana
2-3 cups frozen fruit (we love the mango, strawberry and banana mix found in most stores)
handful of fresh spinach leaves
1 scoop (or more, to taste) OLLY strawberry probiotic smoothie
ice cubes (optional, to achieve desired thickness)

The easiest part about these smoothies is using the OLLY smoothie powder - without thinking about it, you get a nourishing, plant-based protein blend in every serving that's perfect for kids and adults. And oh so yummy too. 

And now that I'm editing all these yummy-looking pictures, I'm in the mood for another smoothie. Dinner, anyone?

Thank you to OLLY Smoothies for sponsoring today's blog post. The opinions expressed here are all my own, as is my love for a daily morning smoothie. Interested in learning more about OLLY's super-powered, plant-based blends? Check out their website HERE or and then click HERE to enter to win a huge giveaway, and get a great OLLY coupon while you're at it.

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