Silver Lining: Behind the Scenes (all the outtakes)

September 16, 2016

Behind the Scenes (all the outtakes)

Because it's Friday, and because I definitely put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge this morning, I wanted to offer you a glimpse of the behind the scenes on some of my recent photoshoots. Social media is often a highlight reel, and while I love seeing everyone's bright and happy moments, it can sometimes feel like the bright and happy moments are all that happens to a person. It's easy to feel inferior and think you don't measure up to what someone else portrays online. (Hooray for snapchat and IG stories that help us see the everyday life!)

A few times people have asked, "How do you always look so put together and calm?" My answer, besides bless your soul for thinking I'm not constantly on the brink of insanity, is - I don't have it all together! Like, at all! 

Here are a few pictures I've snapped recently that show behind the scenes vs the finished product around here.
 "Whyyyyyyy mom???" 
vs: "Look how cute we are!"

My brother trying to impale me with a frisbee mid photoshoot (and no, I didn't even catch it)

vs. "Look at me casually strolling in the evening light without the imminent threat of death by frisbee"

"Uh I'm nervous and three seconds away from crying and I definitely don't want to touch these weird things you set on either side of me"

vs. "Look how great of a big sister I am!"

Experimental hairstyle gone terribly wrong (WHY do I keep thinking I can do cute hair styles??)

vs. Cover up the crazy, girl! Put on a hat and pretend it never happened.

Ha! Sometimes when I edit pictures, I'm working so quickly that I don't even think to keep the ones that didn't turn out, but these posts are kind of fun, so I'm going to try and keep more blooper pictures in the future. Hope this made you smile and that you have an awesome weekend!

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