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October 26, 2016

my momiform

The other day I saw a stock photo of a woman sitting on the floor with her kids - while wearing a pencil skirt. If that's your jam, rock on, but I was like, "How the heck can she wear a pencil skirt while playing with her kids on the floor? Does she plan on not moving at all? Has the stylist for this shoot ever interacted with an actual baby?!" Since I end up on the floor changing diapers or reading books all day long, pencil skirts have been out of the question for casual weekday wear lately. (I do still like to throw on a skirt when I leave the house though.)

Here's a little glimpse of what I actually do wear around the house. These pictures were snapped by Sam in the five minutes before dinner was done where miraculously no babies were crying. Also, real life fact: I found some spit up on my shoulder when I was editing these photos that I had to blur out. Ha. That's the mark of a true momiform, right? ;)

Anatomy of a new mom outfit:

Tunic // When I was pregnant with the twins, I started amassing a fairly large collection of tunics, which I was able to wear up until my 7th month of pregnancy. I'm so happy tunics are in style these days because they're very forgiving on my postpartum belly. I probably have 5 or 6 that I rotate through weekly. I also love them because they require no undershirt, and can be thrown on to complete a look in a second.

Stretchy jeans // I have a fairly long must-have list when it comes to jeans. They have to be high waisted. They have to be stretchy. They have to be long enough for my ridiculously long legs (or else be purposeful cut-offs). And if they're distressed, they have to have no holes that people can awkwardly see my underwear through. These jeans hit everything on my list. They're so comfortable, they stretch to high heaven, they're the perfect cut-off length, and they're distressed but with no holes. I also have them in grey and wear them all.the.time.

Everyday ankle boots // When I'm at home, I never wear shoes. But when I go out, I've been surprised how comfortable these are, even with their slight heel. I once swore I'd never wear heels out of the house when I had a baby, but I actually really like these. They're three years old but you can find similar ones here and here.

Purse // You guys, when I go out with the kids, I wear a diaper bag that's approximately one million times larger than this. (In fact, it's an older version of this backpack diaper bag, and I love it to death.) I love to put on this small crossbody purse when it's just me though, because it's like, "See how small this thing is?! There's not a single diaper in there! Everyone look at me out without the kids!"

5-minute hair // I guess I'm a middle schooler at heart, because I still braid my hair in two long French braids after an evening shower, sleep in it, and then the next day I literally do nothing but take out the braids. Easy schmeasy! 
Tell me your easy outfits you like to wear (whether or not you're a mom!).
When it comes to getting dressed, I'm all about anything that takes no thought,
so it's a bonus when other people tell me what to wear. ;)

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