Silver Lining: out to dinner: a video!

October 27, 2016

out to dinner: a video!

Anyone else live for the hours right after the kids have gone to bed? It's my favorite time to work on hobbies or just lay on the couch reading. My newest late-night hobby is learning about home video making. I was super intimidated by it at first, but the more I learn about the mechanics of video on my camera, the more fun it is. 

A few nights ago we filmed our family outing to Fired Pie for dinner. No, they aren't sponsoring this post, but really, after all the times we've eaten there, they should be. If anyone has a contact with them.... ;) Fired Pie serves the most delicious thin-crust pizzas and homemade salads. This time we tried the Hawaiian BBQ and the Chicken Pesto - and they were so great that we both called dibs on the leftovers. Then we played in the pretty courtyard outside for a bit before going home.

Really I think the title of this video should be "100 Reasons Why the Emery Circus Shouldn't Be Allowed in Public." Haha.... From running circles around the restaurant to Claire's napkin pile to all the puddle jumping, we make quite a scene! 

Oh, and never try to peek into the carseat when the baby is sleeping. They WILL wake up. 


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