Silver Lining: an afternoon at the library

January 25, 2017

an afternoon at the library

When Sam first got grad school schedule this quarter, we were excited because it was far less class time than usual. But we forgot to allot time to job interviews (two this week alone) and his capstone project. So it looks like his schedule is back to usual for the rest of the quarter. But hey, the end is in sight (May graduation!) and we can totally handle two more quarters of insanity.

And so it happens that small trips to the library become grand outings for us. I take the kids to the library all the time, but everything is way better when daddy comes too.

We went last weekend, and it was a simple, fun little outing perfect for a chilly windy day.
 ^^I don't usually match the twins (partly because they go through about two outfits each per day, and partly because, let's be honest, ain't nobody got time for that). But I have to say, they look pretty darn cute in these matching hooded jumpsuits.

Claire was so excited to show Sam the "evelator!" and "Claire push button!" and "iss not scary daddy!" Other points of interest given by our two-year-old tour guide were the toy kitchen and castle.

P.S. Stuck for good children's book ideas? I wrote a post last week about our favorite wordless picture books.

Everything is so much better when daddy is home. I love this shot of him and his babies (we joked that we needed to get this picture so we could have proof that he did sometimes see his children during grad school).
Sometimes I wonder why people always comment when I'm out by myself with my young kids, and then I see pictures like this and think, "Oh, that's why." In this picture one child is bored, one child is fussing, and one has a finger up her nose. Typical.

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