Silver Lining: Easy Weeknight Dinners: Ramen Stir-Fry

January 27, 2017

Easy Weeknight Dinners: Ramen Stir-Fry

My stepmom Krysti is a master of using up every last piece of produce she buys. Sometimes I'll stumble across half a satsuma, a third of a zucchini, or some other tiny quantity of produce carefully stored in the fridge at her house, and wonder why she bothered to keep them. Until dinner, when the satsumas add a perfect touch of citrus to the salad and the zucchini has been diced and simmered into the pasta sauce.

I've been trying to get better at using my vegetables and fruit for multiple purposes so none of it goes to waste. For example, if I buy a few heads of broccoli, I'll use some one day as a side dish, the next day in a salad, and the third day in a stir fry. It helps me cut down on my grocery bill and eliminate extras that end up going bad in my fridge anyway. 

About once a week, I love to make this stir fry with whatever vegetables I have left over for the week. And want to know my weird secret ingredient?

Ramen noodles. Yup. Those gross things you ate in college. You guys, I buy packs of ramen noodles and save them specifically for this stir fry. 

Why? First of all, because ramen noodles are 14 cents a pack. FOURTEEN CENTS. It's almost impossible to beat that price. Secondly, because when you leave the flavor packet out and cook them up with vegetables, teriyaki sauce and soy sauce, they taste like thin yakisoba noodles. So good. So incredibly good. And third, it only takes 3 minutes to cook them up, so you have a super yummy stir fry meal in 10 minutes start to finish.

Claire and I literally eat this for lunch at least once a week. We hope you like it as much as I do!


2 cups chopped veggies (we love broccoli, bell peppers, snap peas, zucchini, and carrots the most)
fresh ginger to taste
1 ramen packet (noodles only - discard flavor pack)
1/4 cup hot water
2 Tbsp teriyaki sauce
2-3 Tbsp soy sauce (to taste)

1. Heat a large skillet on high for 2 minutes.
2. Pour teriyaki sauce in skillet and the grated fresh ginger on top. Heat for 30 seconds, then add in vegetables. Simmer and stir vegetables for 2 minutes.
3. Add hot water, and wait for it to come to a boil (again, this should happen within 30 seconds. Stir fry is a fast-paced thing!)
4. Loosely break apart ramen noodles and place in skillet, stirring constantly to help them cook evenly and quickly. Sometimes I need to add a bit more water here.
5. When the noodles are soft, add the soy sauce and stir on high for about one more minute, until the liquids are gone and it's barely starting to scorch in places.
6. Serve immediately and enjoy!


Like I mentioned earlier, this is a stir fry, so things go fast. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready before you start. 

This is the hardest recipe I've typed up in a while, because I never measure my exact quantities. And that's one great thing about this recipe. You can use whatever veggies you want, and in whatever quantity you want. If things are dry, add a little more liquid (teriyaki or soy sauce or water), and if there's too much liquid, just keep stirring it for another minute till it's gone.

I personally love fresh ginger, so I always add a ton, but you can totally skip it if you don't like the taste.

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