Silver Lining: a night on the ASU campus

February 27, 2017

a night on the ASU campus

Over the weekend our two-year-old officially became a Sun Devil. Well, she officially got a picture with the mascot, so that counts right?

We've been trying to do more on-campus activities and take advantage of everything ASU has to offer before Sam graduates. So we went to ASU's Night of the Open Door over the weekend, and it was such a blast. The event was designed to showcase different departments on campus and the innovative and hands-on learning that takes place every day. We strolled through all the main walkways doing the fun activities, trying the food, and stopping traffic to show everyone the letter "E" that a certain two-year-old found on the sewage grate. You know, the usual.
We got to leave the twins at home (thank you Lorell for babysitting at the last minute) and go with just Claire. She was in heaven to have the undivided attention of both parents, and honestly, we were in heaven to have a night out that involved zero bottles, zero diapers, and zero pacifiers. 

 ^^She dragged her balloon puppy all over the house the remainder of the weekend, so I think we can safely say it was a hit.
 ^^You guys, I could barely bring myself to upload this picture. EEEEESH. I do NOT like snakes. (Here's something horrifying: they put these two rattlesnakes in the same cage in hopes that they would mate and preserve the rare albino color of the larger male snake. Alllllso this is a dad and a daughter. Apparently this is a regular thing if you're a snake. Just one more reason to be creeped out by them.)
 ^^Inaugural picture with Sparky the Sun Devil. Claire was surprisingly cool with a large person dressed as a devil giving her a high five. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
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As a special thank-you for reading along, I have a secret code word you can enter into the app for 400 free pitchfork points. You need 500 points to earn free stuff, and you get 100 points for downloading and connecting your account on the app, so enter my code and you're automatically there! The code is LOVEMAROON and expires on March 2, 2017. 

Thank you to the Sun Devil Rewards app for sponsoring us in this great night out. I received compensation in return for this post, but all opinions expressed are my own. Check out the app here, and go Devils! #SunDevilRewards

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