Silver Lining: Arizona desert in the spring

February 15, 2017

Arizona desert in the spring

Last week my mother-in-law was in town for a few days, and you better believe we took advantage of the free babysitting. Her main goal was to sit at our house and hold the babies she rarely gets to see, and our main goal was to get out without holding any babies like we so rarely get to do, so it worked out quite nicely. Claire loved the visit and was especially excited about her "special bed!" which is a blow-up mattress on the floor of our walk-in closet where she sleeps when we have company. Ah to be two years old and excited about sleeping on the floor of a closet.

On Saturday morning we all went for a little walk in the desert. (Remember when we discovered this desert just a few blocks from our house? Posts here and here.) I think I need to plan a hike in the desert for our next date night, because I've been getting frustrated that we don't get very far with three young kids in tow. Even so, the tiny amount of desert we encountered was gorgeous.

The walk to and from was the best part for Claire - empty roads waiting to be run on, flowers waiting to be picked, and plenty of adults available to swing her around.

We're just reaching the time of year where the Sonoran desert blooms, and I honestly think it's so magical. Almost every small bush we encountered had flowers and new growth peeking out at the ends, and there is a tiny layer of something that looks like bright green grass covering the ground. 

Lincoln was a very very sad baby and spent the entire (short) hike cuddled up grabbing a handful of dad's shirt.
This was when Claire decided it was time to stop and play with the rocks on the trail, and we all indulged her for a few minutes as other groups walked around us.

Now we're thinking about date night this week without a free babysitter. And we can't find a good excuse to make treats if we're just going to be sitting around by ourselves eating them. It's no fun. Somebody else better come visit quickly. 

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