Silver Lining: It's only Wednesday. Have some cute pictures of my kids.

February 1, 2017

It's only Wednesday. Have some cute pictures of my kids.

Last night, I was legitimately excited that the next day was Friday, which meant I had almost made it through the entire week. And then I realized it was only Tuesday. ONLY TUESDAY. Not even halfway done with the week. Ha. This has just been one of those weeks!

In case you also need a break from, you know, everything, here are some cute pictures of my kids. Go on. Keep scrolling. It's much more fun than doing the dishes.

You guys, this is my all-time favorite picture of the twins. I love Link's huge grin, Addie's tiny perfectly posed hand, her little toes sticking up in the corner, and their exact same eye color (probably the only trait they share besides their birthday).
 This girl hasn't stopped moving since November. She rolls around the floor all day and then rolls around her crib all night. And she's three seconds away from crawling, even though she barely turned six months old. She's our crazy, lean, strong, dainty, tiny darling girl.
 Link does about fifteen laugh-out-loud funny faces per hour. He is such a ham. He also gives award-winning hugs, is majorly obsessed with eating his rattle toys, and is the most ticklish baby I've ever met.
Oh, just trying to hold hands like always.
Claire snuck in there while I was taking these photos because, "One snuggle mommy, I a good sister." So I guess she had forgotten about earlier that morning when she decided the babies should be awake and went in to scream, "WAKE UP!" in their faces twenty minutes into naptime. (Never promise that you can go to the aquarium as soon as the babies wake up. It backfires!)

And now some pictures of Claire and I. We went to a farewell talk in Gilbert last Sunday and found ourselves with happy babies and a few extra minutes on our way home, so we went for a little walk in the sunshine. It was unexpected and glorious.

Claire and I went for haircuts last week (thank you for all the fun comments as I documented Claire's first real haircut on Instagram Stories, by the way!). When we were almost done, the stylist remarked that she had basically given us matching haircuts. Minus the bangs, it's totally true. I'm not complaining.

And there you have it. And now that it's Wednesday we're officially halfway through the week. We can do this!

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