Silver Lining: the twins at nine months

April 14, 2017

the twins at nine months

They're totally not nine months yet. But they'll be nine months in a few days, and we all know I do these updates so rarely that I might as well count it! A few fun him and her facts about these twins I love so much (basically it's one big case for nature over nurture).

Him: two big bottom teeth
Her: one tiny tooth barely poking through

Him: one bite every 5 minutes
Her: shovels food in with two hands

Him: content to sit there
Her: crawling everywhere

Him: rolls over sometimes, if necessary
Her: never stops moving

Him: huge double-dimple smiles
Her: nose-scrunching grins

Him: wearing 18 month clothes
Her: wearing 6 month clothes

Him: loves bathtime
Her: loves bathtime

Him: loves to snuggle in the morning
Her: straight for the bottle please

Him: early bird
Her: night owl

Him: gives the cutest hugs
Her: way too wiggly

Him: pacifier all night long
Her: pacifier all night long

Him: eats anything
Her: hates avocado and banana
I sure love these kiddos. Happy 9 months to them!

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