Silver Lining: the arts district (+ how to find colored walls near you)

April 11, 2017

the arts district (+ how to find colored walls near you)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and LIFEWTR. All opinions are mine alone. #ThirstInspiration #CollectiveBias

One of my favorite places in Phoenix (and any city, really) is the arts/cultural district. The artsy, individualistic, laid-back feel of the small shops and people you meet always remind me of my trips to downtown Portland growing up. And if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I love bright + fun colors. Let me tell you, there is NO shortage of bright and fun colors on Roosevelt Row.

The other day we loaded up all the kids, stopped at 7-Eleven for gas and a few bottles of LIFEWTR (it was in the refrigerated section so it was nice and cold for us), and went down to Roosevelt Row.

It was one of those fantastic warm-but-not-hot afternoons, and we had fun just soaking in the charismatic atmosphere. Claire ran around with a little friend she met, I chatted with a photographer who was there location scouting, and Sam pushed the babies around and narrated all the colors they were seeing.
^^ How fun is this Aztec/Southwestern themed mural?

^^ The twins flying with the birds and generally being silly
^^ This beautiful LIFEWTR bottle was designed by artist Jason Woodside. The entire day, we were finding walls that matched our water. We love the bright, charismatic, inspirational designs on the outside of these fun LIFEWTR bottles, and on a warm afternoon in Phoenix, we especially loved the refreshing water on the inside. I love that LIFEWTR is purified and pH-balanced, with electrolytes.

^^ I seriously can't get enough of the twins these days. Just look at those faces! They are so cute.
^^ Basically, I want to do a million different photo shoots in this statue. So. Much. Color. And. Light.

Want to find a fun bright-colored wall in your city? Some cities have a reputation for mural walls (Houston, Los Angeles, and parts of New York City come to mind), but you can find fun walls no matter where you live. Here are a few tips for finding colored walls wherever you are.


This is the part of your downtown where you'll most likely have the best luck. Find the hipster restaurants, the funky downtown areas, and the unique feel of the arts and cultural part of the town. If you're brand new to the area, a simple Google search is a great place to start feeling out where that part of town is.


It's no secret that bloggers love a good colorful wall! My favorite bloggers are always posing by them and always willing to share their sources. Find a few bright and fun bloggers in your city and see which walls make it into their Instagram shots.


Whenever I drive through the industrial block near our house, I see blue, blue, and more blue! There are lots of huge, blue, solid-colored walls in almost every industrial part of town.


Retail stores built in the '90s are notorious for huge walls of color. Stores built after that have adopted a more traditional neutral or stone exterior, but if you find an older shopping complex, chances are you'll also find a colored wall.


Many times, you don't need an entire 15-foot-tall wall for a picture. Even in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, you can often find a brightly colored door or other small pop of color. I've even noticed outhouses that are nice and bright-colored and could provide a fun background for a headshot (provided you hold your breath while the picture is being taken).
^^ Thanks so much LIFEWTR at 7-Eleven for sponsoring our fun trip to the city. Connect with LIFEWTR on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and click here for more fun inspiration from these LIFEWTR bottles.

And now I'll leave you with this gem: what family photos look like these days. One child has their fist in their mouth, another one is thoroughly bored, and a third one thinks we're playing the "1-2-3-swing!" game. #momlife We sure love these crazy kids (and this fun location) anyway.

Click here for more LIFEWTR inspiration.
Anyone have another tip I can add about finding colored walls?

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