Silver Lining: fun toy Easter basket stuffers for toddlers

April 10, 2017

fun toy Easter basket stuffers for toddlers

Honestly, at our house, we skip right over many holidays when it comes to celebrating with the kids. The kids went to bed at the regular time for New Year's. Valentine's Day might mean a few heart-shaped decorations and one fun family dinner, but mostly it means a babysitter for them while mom and dad get a date night. My children literally don't know what St Patrick's Day is yet (don't I sound like the most fun mom ever?).

But Easter? Hey, we actually do something with the kids for Easter! Easter is a thing at our house. We love to get fun spring outfits, do an Easter egg hunt, and give everyone an Easter basket.

On Saturday I went shopping for a few things for Claire's Easter basket. Which basically meant Cadbury mini eggs that we can only hope I have the self-control to not open before it's time to put together her Easter basket.

I realized I wanted something for her basket to offset all the chocolate. There was a little $2 bin at the store, but honestly the toys in there looked like they'd be broken even before the Cadbury mini eggs were gone.

So I searched Amazon when I got home, and wow, I didn't know there were pages and pages of awesome Easter basket stuffers. Here is a list of a few of my favorite Easter basket stuffers for young kids.

These are all under $10, small enough to fit in an Easter basket, will last way longer than anything in the cheap bin at the store, and are educational and fun to boot. Oh, and also they're all on Amazon Prime so you can buy today and have it show up on your door two days later, just in time to pack those Easter baskets. (If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can get a free trial here to get the free 2-day shipping.)

4 puzzles in a box: We purchased this set about a month ago, and they have been so fantastic in teaching Claire how puzzles work. The easiest puzzle is only two pieces and the largest is eight pieces. The pieces are nice and big, easy to hold and manipulate, and brightly colored.

Tangle Jr Fidget Toy: AKA the How to Keep Your Kid Quiet in Church toy. It's even fun for me to twist and turn these little toys and make fun shapes.

Light-up Spike Ball: Really, to make a kid's day, all you have to say is "light up" or "bouncy ball." Luckily, this is both of those things. This listing comes with a few, so each kid gets one and you can have an extra in case the dog think it's his toy.

Bubbles: We've been needing to replenish our bubble supply, and an Easter basket seems like the perfect opportunity. The bottles are small enough that they fit most Easter eggs, and this listing comes with 24 bottles (hello birthday party favors!).

Bathtub Crayon: A fun crayon with six different sides and colors for the bathtub. UPDATE: When I first made the post, it was on sale. The sale has now ended, which makes this product actually a little over $10, sorry. It still looks cool though.

Bookmark Timer: This one is for all the school-aged kids. It's a bookmark with a little built-in timer/stopwatch so kids can track their reading time. I would have killed for a few of these in my classroom when I was a teacher.

Play-Doh: The classic. Who wouldn't like some fresh, new, not yet dried and crusty colors in their Easter basket? We are down to one or two lone Play-Doh colors that are still malleable, so we need to restock. And 10 colors for $7 is pretty darn good.

Liquid Motion Bubbler: I remember getting to hold one of these at the dentist when I was getting a fluoride treatment at the dentist, and something about them is super mesmerizing.

Hair Chalk: Another fun one for the older kids - and hey, maybe the adults too. This hair chalk is bright, fun, easy to put on, and not permanent. It would also make the perfect birthday party favor.

Doodle Pro: We LOVE this. Claire will play with this forever, and loves how you can swipe away the drawing any time you want. We also use it for learning time, and it's the perfect car trip toy too.

Hope you like these as much as I do! If you buy today, they'll be at your doorstep by Wednesday so they can go straight into the kids' Easter baskets and you don't have to make another trip to the store. Happy shopping!

Do you do an Easter basket?
What do you put in it?
Any more good fun + educational stuffer ideas?

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