Silver Lining: just a pair of honeymooners

August 15, 2011

just a pair of honeymooners

Hi. My name is Mrs. Emery. I'm in love.

Last week, we went to a magical land. It was full of red rocks

and palm trees

and cute bunnies (black-tailed jackrabbits, to be exact),

and weird yard decorations.

We proudly sported our painted car all week long

and made it a point to kiss every time someone honked.

In fact, we did a lot of shameless kissing in public.
{Remember my post about a gross couple at Walmart? I'm proud to say we're way worse than them.}

We even made it to these two temples (loved that)

and went to Vegas for a day.

In Vegas, we played the part of eager tourists,

admired a real-life statue {I love those}

I attempted to kiss a fish,

Sam pretended to gamble,

we saw some fountains,

and contemplated the pros and cons of wedding chapels.

As a general rule, we stayed up each night drinking Martinelli's in iced glasses,

and we went to an outdoor theater

and another one of those please since we loved the first one so much,

and we spent lots of time at the pool(s).

We loved our little condo, which Sam named the honeymondo.... get it..... honeymoon condo... honeymondo.... We like to name our houses.

Bottom line:



  1. Was one of those outdoor theaters in Cedar City?? The picture where you are standing by the stairs? It looks just like the one at SUU that I went to every summer with my sisters and cousin. We weren't in the audience, we just goofed around on campus. That's why (if it is that place) I recognize the back stairs. If not, well, I guess I don't recognize it so well. So glad you are happily married and that it was an awesome honeymoon!!!

  2. Brooke, you guys are darling. I'm so happy for you!!

  3. The best part is that the honeymoon never ends! And if you think things are heading in the wrong direction, know this: A man loves pie! Congratulations on a wonderful start to a wonderful, long life together.

  4. What a great honeymoon! I'm glad you had fun. And real-life statues are creepy.


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