Silver Lining: goodbye Miss Wilson, hello Mrs. Emery

August 5, 2011

goodbye Miss Wilson, hello Mrs. Emery

It's almost midnight. I'm getting married in a little over 12 hours.

The house has finally quieted down.
The flowers are arranged.
The tables are set up.
The ironing is ironed.
The treats are ready to treat.
Relatives are arrived and hugged and lodged.
Boys are haircutted and girls are showered and shoes are shined.

I am all sorts of excited.

I guess there's lots of reasons why I could be nervous.... tomorrow's a big day, after all. A few people asked how I could be so calm with all the pandemonium today.

I know this is right, and I love Sam so much. What's to worry about?

I'm more of a 4am panic attack person anyway. I'll let one come to me then :)

Until then, I'll bid a fond farewell to Miss Wilson, and be so so so happy to be Mrs. Emery.

Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?

Mrs. Emery, the illustrious
Mrs. Emery, the housewife
Mrs. Emery, the bell pepper lover
Mrs. Emery, the Mr. Emery lover
Mrs. Emery, the happy

Goodbye! See you when I come back from my honeymoon with a brand new name and a brand new husband!


Mrs. Almost-Emery


  1. Congratulations Brooke! You're going to make a beautiful bride and Sam is a lucky man :]

  2. Look to your right. Yeah. 0 days until your WEDDING!!

  3. So, so happy for you! Wish I could have been there to see it all but I will be anxiously waiting to see pictures. Congrats!

  4. It was a perfect day and you were radiantly beautiful. Love you Mrs. Emery.


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