Silver Lining: two coveys and a pot of yellow flowers

January 10, 2012

two coveys and a pot of yellow flowers

So there's this group of quail that likes to hang out in my backyard. They look pretty snazzy, strutting around with their forehead sticky-outy feather thing (google says it's a forward-facing plume. I say forehead sticky-outy feather thing.). When I try to take pictures of them, I have to practice my paparazzi skills. You see, these quail are kind of shy. They don't like to be photographed.

Did you know that a group of quail is called a covey? True story. A covey of quail.

And speaking of covey, I have a brother named Covey (not named after a group of quail, thankyouverymuch). My brother Covey is on a Church mission right now in Uruguay. And guess what? We got to Skype him on Christmas! That's a major upgrade from a phone call, people! We felt so blessed to see his face and hear his voice and talk with him.

Doesn't he look great? I put all his weekly emails into a blog for people to read (check it out here). In his last letter, he causally mentions "we did get robbed at gunpoint again this week, so that was a shocking experience for my companion." Oh my goodness. Covey! Be safe!

But back to the quail.

It was awkward, because amidst my quail photography session (lovely, darling, work that strut, give me more forward-facing plume!), the neighbor on the other side of the fence saw me taking pictures. I'm not creeping on your house, neighbor of mine! I'm just trying to get a picture of the quail! 

Trying to mime your intentions frantically though a window doesn't always work. Here's to hoping no cops come by tonight.

And speaking of people coming by, last night an elderly gentlemen came to our house (apparently he's a neighbor?). He had these lovely yellow flowers.

"Give these to your mom," he says.


But on the bright side, now we have some cheery flowers.

Anyone else have encounters with coveys lately? how about flowers? paparazzi?


  1. I had a rather comical encounter with a squirrel...does that count?

  2. Nope no coveys or flowers or paparazzi. Most un eventful.

  3. What to they sound like? Uruguay?? How fun! One of my best friends is from there. Know lots about the place because of all she has told me. She is leaving to go there for a month at the end of Feb. What part of Uruguay is your brother at?

  4. ooo Convey. I didn't know! Haha. (Give me more forward facing plume!:) ) Glad you got to see your brother. Isn't Skype awesome?

  5. I love your quail pictures! And that is so funny that your neighbor possibly though you were a creeper. Also, I love that your neighbor brought flowers randomly. Do you think he'll figure out that they didn't get to who he was thinking of?? Haha. Good stuff! Also, I'm so sad I missed talking to my brother who is in Bulgaria on his mission right now. I can't wait til Mothers' Day!

  6. "Give these to your mom." I know I shouldn't but, hahahahaha. *deep breath* Oh my.

    Yes, that particular covey of quail has been carousing in that neighborhood since I was a kid. Probably a different generation though.

  7. i painted a lily, does that count ;) hehe

  8. I knew your brother Covey before I knew what the 'cubbies' at kindergarten were called. For most of the year, they were 'coveys' to me. So there you go: three coveys.

  9. haha oh brooke you make me smile :)

  10. I definitely like your name for them better. :) I never got to Skype, and I've only been home 4 years? Something like that. Lucky you guys!!

  11. LOL. Yeah, that kind of stuff happens to me, too. No one thinks I'm old enough to be living on my own, let alone married. Sigh. I love the flowers!


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