Silver Lining: on the brink of something great

April 1, 2012

on the brink of something great

A year ago today, Sam engaged me.

When we had our first kiss, it was morning. We were in a sun-filled basement, and it was cold outside.

When he engaged me, it was late at night. And warm. So warm, considering the time of year.


People like to tell other people that real life hasn't started yet. Don't you ever get that? Real life starts when you graduate high school, they say. Then, real life starts when you go to college. When you get married. When you get a degree. When you have kids. When you get your first real job.

You know what, though? This feels a lot like real life to me, right here, right now, with you. It is crazy. It is busy and hard. Sometimes I do feel like we're on the brink of something that's just getting started, something we don't know about yet, something eternal.

We'll have lots of adventures together, and I say bring it on :)

I love you.


  1. this is so sweet.

    how sweet you two are!

  2. Congrats, guys. I can't wait to join you married people! :)

  3. Congrats. :) You two are adorable!!

  4. All life is real, so I'm glad you're enjoying each moment. After the events of a few years ago, you definitely qualify as "real life."

  5. Hello! Love your blog!! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a really fun giveaway I’m having!

    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  6. Love this!! And it is totally real life :)

  7. so sweet...don't you love being engaged!

  8. Awww! I love this! :] Happy Engagement anniversary! And I agree that real life is now!!

  9. you two are so adorable! love this post :)


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