Silver Lining: all sorts of counting

August 12, 2012

all sorts of counting

Teacher countdown: 
7 days until I meet them, 8 days until school starts. 
(Yes I'm already having stress dreams.) 
(Yes I cried when I got the roll with their names and faces. These are real human beings, and I get to be their teacher!)

Wedding count-up: 
Yesterday was the 9th wedding of the season. 2 more to go this week. I love love. Who doesn't? And I love more married friends.

Counting on:
Some of our very best friends have been away this summer, doing awesome things like studying abroad, getting married, doing internships, and having babies. But now they're coming back, and I'm counting on them for our fall fun. 

Not counting on:
My summer tan to last very long. Careers get in the way of sun on your shoulders.

Counting my blessings:
Kirsten and Elisabeth are fabulous. It's so fun to have blogger friends that are real-life friends as well.

What are you counting on, up or down for?


  1. how cute is your outfit! love it. happy first day of school soon! ;)

  2. Sounds like you have lots to look forward to. You've been to 9 weddings this season,wow, that's a lot of weddings, I haven't been to a wedding in years! I'm counting down to visiting my best friend and my trip to NYC.

  3. you are too cute. i love the first picture, the sun put a nice tint of red in your hair, it looks great. also i love having real life friends too :) you are the nicest.


    ps you are going to be the cutest teacher
    5 days til my sisters wedding

  4. congrats on your first class. I'm sure I'll cry too when I see my class for the first time. Good luck with your school year

  5. congrats for your first class!

    p.s. : i love your picture :)

  6. cute outfit girlie. & good luck with the new school year! Hopefully you have some pretty great kids.

  7. you'll be a great teacher, how exciting =)


  8. Is this your first year? What grade??? So exciting! I'm starting my 10th year, and I still get super stoked for the first day!


  9. Super cute dress! Is it new? You're going to be the greatest teacher ever. I just know it.

  10. to meet my precious little man!!


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