Silver Lining: back to school shopping: from the other side

August 9, 2012

back to school shopping: from the other side

Back to school shopping from the teacher's perspective is even better than regular back to school shopping. 

Without getting too Meg Ryan on you, let me just say there's something about freshly sharpened pencils and blank paper that just gets me. I think it's the potential all of these supplies has to create something beautiful that gets people excited. When my school supply order came, it was like Christmas. 

Teacher style is important. Especially as a first-year, young teacher, dressing professionally helps me say to the parents "hi. I'm competent. Trust me with your child." Instead of brightly colored jeans and sneakers like my students are buying, I'm buying brightly colored cardigans and neutral skirts.

Incidentally, rule of teaching outfits number one: skirts to the knee are cute and professional, but the second you get on the floor for circle time with your students, you're gonna need something a whole lot longer. Trust me.

And here's the thing. Everything I'm buying this year seems to be in Primary colors.

I don't know if it's a teacher thing
or a fall thing
or just a me thing
but I love mustard, royal blue and red this season.

Anyone else with me?
What's your color combo of choice this fall?
Favorite teacher outfits?


  1. Yay! I'm going shopping for my first day outfit this weekend!


  2. Aaahh, I need to go fall clothes shopping... but teacher outfits can be so stinkin' cute! My major is in the education field, so I'll get to put together a wardrobe like that in the not too distant future :)

    And you can always be safe and look cute with primary colors!

  3. Pretty sure the primary colors tendency is a Superman thing ;). So, you know. Watch out for heat vision coming next. I love bow tops but I never feel like I'd be able to pull them off! Happy shopping darling!

  4. I love that red top! Super cute...

  5. omg I love this post...simply b/c it's all about color! I am such a huge coral and mustard yellow fan...but I always love turquoise incorporated in there somewhere too! love that coral have super great taste missy! Come on over and follow along Color Issue...I think you'd really enjoy it (but than again I might be a bit bias?!) ha.

  6. Such a stylish teacher, great picks :)


  7. I love this post, and I have to admit I always think about bouquets of sharpened pencils this time of year. Sigh.

  8. im always all about mustard yellow, but really. its my favorite, i also like gray. you are going to be the cutest teacher ever!


  9. I love the idea of mustard and tan together, it makes for a beautiful color combo! Great styling :)


    P.S. Thanks for the twitter follow!

  10. I love that vase of flowers, such a cute idea! And I am head over heels in love with anything mustard colored!

  11. those are all great colours, have fun shopping!

  12. I love that outfit. The colors all look lovely together and you cant go wrong with fall colors! Have a happy Friday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending soon :).

  13. Love that necklace and skirt combo-I never had teachers that dressed like that!Happy Friday Brooke!

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  15. I'm a first year teacher as well and I LOVE pens, pencils...paper. I can spend hours in a stationery store. :)

    I only wear pants to school now. Essentially for that sole reason of having to sit on the floor for circle time. I like to be comfortable and I feel alot more comfy in pants.

    LOVE that outfit. If only it would stay clean!! HA

    I am your newest GFC follower. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside

  16. Let me know if you need help with your shopping!


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