Silver Lining: birthday girl

January 4, 2013

birthday girl

My birthday this year couldn't be contained. It was a drawn-out, amazing celebration. Here are a few highlights, with pictures brought to you from Instagram, so please excuse the quality (follow along @brookejanette). 

The actual day of my birthday was the last day of school before winter break. My students finally got to meet the illustrious Mr. Emery, and they were soooooo excited. He was a huge hit ("you didn't tell us he was so tall!"), and it was awesome seeing him interact with my kiddos. That whole day was a party, and I was so glad he could be there for part of it.

mostly I love the student with his shirt on inside out

After school, Sam took me out shopping and to dinner. I loved spending time with him, and it was such a good feeling knowing that I was officially on winter break too. 

the big 2-3 :)

And can we just talk about how spoiled I am for a minute? My coworkers bought me yummy lunch, my students and their parents gave me gifts, Sam spent lots of time with me, my aunt took me shopping, my friends came to a dessert party..... the list goes on and on. 

new watch :)

A huge thank-you to everyone who made my birthday so amazing this year! I sometimes get blown away by all the people who care about me, even the posts on facebook and this blog. So thank YOU for making my special day so great!


  1. Hooray! birthdays are the best. Glad you had an awesome one :) hope we both have a great 23rd year!

  2. It looks like it was a blast! Hope you had a great birthday!

  3. you lucky girl. my birthday only lasted for 12 hours. once it hit midnight on december 24th then ended on noon, because then it because christmas eve. i'm jealous. haha. glad you had a good birthday!


  4. Well, happy (belated) birthday! I turned 23 a few weeks ago :) I'm your newest follower via the blog hop.

    { Jessica }

  5. Hi there - new follower from the blog hop! Love your blog and can't wait to read more! Hope you have a great day! :)

  6. brooke. i never even got to celebrate it with you.
    lets go to the chocolate and get brownies sometime for a belated day :)

  7. happy birthday! and score on that fabulous watch.

  8. Love the new watch! Newest follower! xo!


  9. Happy birrrrrthdayyyy!!!!!

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog hun! And especially for following! i look forward to getting to know you thru blog interaction :) I really love the whole layout of your blog by the way, very cute. Happy Birthday!!

    The House of Shoes


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