Silver Lining: break's over (+ it's a filtered life)

January 3, 2013

break's over (+ it's a filtered life)

Today I'm going back to my 5th graders.

The end of break is something I always dread, but yesterday I made the life-changing discovery that I can wear leggings under my favorite maxi skirt and no one's the wiser. It's negative two this morning (yikes!) so I'm layering up and getting ready for an inside recess day.

Wish me luck today! And in the meantime -- some of my filtered favorites from the break.

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 smiling // at seeing my two best friends again & at the cutest little sunshine package sent to brighten my day
 wearing // leggings and thick socks on sick days & bordeaux skirts on snowy Sundays
making // snowflakes with my students & Christmas cookies to end all Christmas cookies 
visiting // my temple & festive church parties

Is your break over already?
How do you shake the end-of-break blues?


  1. I wish I had a break. Another reason I should have become a teacher like I wanted to as a child.

  2. Boo inside recess! Hope it warms up next week and you can send those kids outside!

  3. It's back to school for me today, too. And I wear leggings under my skirts...and sometimes under my pants, too, all the time in the winter. It's cold outside!!

  4. back to school, ahhhh don't remind me!
    and i want thermal g's girl.
    love the last picture.


  5. You have just reminded me that I have to go back to work on Monday! I'm now actually checking exam papers. The kids had their quarterly exams the week before the break.

  6. I feel ya. I totally wore gym shorts under my skirt the first day of school.


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