Silver Lining: views of our lovenest

January 6, 2013

views of our lovenest

As sad as it is to take down Christmas decorations for another year, it's a good opportunity to revamp and reorganize. Yesterday morning after Sam and I packed up the lights and wreaths, we added a few new decorations and re-hung some old favorites. Somehow our living room feels larger and more fresh without a tree in the corner and Christmas decorations everywhere. 

Our lovenest is little and almost everything is secondhand, but it's our first home together and we've grown quite fond of it.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Beautiful room! I always feel sad about taking down Christmas decorations too--but it does leave so much more room in the house!

  2. So cute. Love the clock!

  3. it's so precious! I love all the pictures. Ours is the same way, second hand, lots of pictures, and inexpensive handmade decor :)

  4. Too cute!! The clock is so unique--love it!


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