Silver Lining: family of three

March 6, 2013

family of three

The great thing about being friends with a talented budding photographer is that when you call each other up of a Sunday afternoon, you can be last-minute and unplanned and it doesn't matter. Kirsten is that good, and we loved hanging out with her. (One day I'll actually plan what we wear, like real people do when they get family pictures.) It was more "see how often we can tickle Jason" and less "let's get serious family portraits done." Can you tell that goofing off is our main past time? (past time? pasttime? pastime? passed time? Someone tell me the right answer.)

Thanks K! You're the best, as always :)

And now I'm off to go camping.
In the snow.
With my 5th graders.
For three days.
It's definitely insane, but here we go!
I'm excited :)


  1. SO CUTEVVi love you guys. :)
    Good luck camping with the kids!!

  2. Looks like you're have way too much fun. Just like you will at camp!!!

  3. you are too nice brooke :)
    and i did like hanging out with you guys


  4. Great pics! And good luck on the camping? !

  5. These are so adorable! ANd you are going camping for three days with 5th graders in the snow??? What in the world? i never did anything like that in elementary school...

  6. you guys are adorable. it's so obvious how much everyone cares about each other in these photos.

  7. you guys are the cutest! You are simply amazing!

  8. These pictures are so great! I love it!! Especially the second one, too funny! I've been following what you and your husband are doing with this little guy. God bless you!

  9. love the pictures! way cute! perfect fam!


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