Silver Lining: I went camping with 150 fifth graders

March 10, 2013

I went camping with 150 fifth graders

There was a point during the camping craziness this week when I found myself on a stage with 11 marshmallows crammed into my mouth, gagging and laughing as the kids chanted my name. That was the second I knew this camping business was insane. The next second I was spitting the marshmallows into the garbage can and watching marshmallow saliva land in my braid (let it be known that I won chubby bunny one time, lost one time).

via the clear creek website

That's basically how camping went. It was insane, and it was 24-7 for three days straight, but it was SO FUN. My fellow teachers are the fantasy team of public education, and hey, the cabin we stayed in was basically bigger than my home, so what's not to love? The fifth graders had fun hiking, playing in the snow and making sculptures out of vegetables. The site was gorgeous too - tucked into the side of a mountain with snowy clearings and a frozen river running through the bottom.

photo cred: Natalie

The hardest part was leaving my family for three days. I know this makes us spoiled as a couple, but it was the first night(s) Sam and I had spent apart since we got married. (There have been many nights in which our sleep schedules were completely opposite, but we hypothetically shared a bed at some point each night, and that's comforting.) After a year and a half together, a small sleeping bag by myself felt a little sub par. But boy was I happy to see Sam and Jason when I came home :)

So that was my week.
And now I'm back.
And ready to put up my mini blog redesign if I ever have half a second!
But it's been on my to-do list for three weeks now, so...


  1. <3 it! Found you through the Sunday link up!!!
    Already a follower. I host a weekly "Friday" link up hop with a give-a-way. Come check us out it runs through Tuesdays and a winner announced on Wednesdays.
    XX XO,

  2. wow! a hundred a fifty fifth graders! you must be a kind soul! Way to go! sounds like a super fun trip :)

  3. Sounds like a fun camp. It was awesome that there were so many campers. Actually, that's one thing I like from being away. That feeling of eagerness when you are going home.. :)

  4. That post title really got my attention: God bless you! Don't know how you did it :o) Nah, I'm just kidding! Sounds like fun!

  5. I went to Clear Creek Camp when I was in school...twice I think! It's a great place! I am sure it is much-improved by now, including that nice new sign. What a fun and great teacher you are, Brooke!

  6. Ah, Clear Creek. Thank goodness Dave always went as a chaperone. I have an awesome hubby.

  7. This seriously sounds so fun!


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