Silver Lining: it's the little things {happy weekend}

April 19, 2013

it's the little things {happy weekend}

photo cred: KNW

+ Isn't it silly how we go about our lives, getting busier and busier, and yet there are people across the nation who aren't even supposed to go outside right now, who are in the midst of a terrorist man hunt? And yet the daily grind goes on. We make dinner, we exercise, we go to school and talk about the weather. I believe normalcy is important to maintain, that if we immobilize our lives the terrorists are winning. But even still, it's a difficult concept to think about without feeling guilty or superfluous.

+ Hope of America was last night, and I'm proud of my 5th graders! You can watch a video of my favorite song (last year's performance) HERE. I love how the guy taping thinks those lights are children's cell phones and he makes a comment about how disrespectful that is, and then when the flashlights come out he's floored. And yes, this is the song that makes me cry :)

+ Read this post about making history, or why your blog matters. I'm glad I found it.

+ Remember this vote about my hair? Almost everyone I know is saying emphatic NOs. I even received multiple texts/emails from multiple friends and two aunts telling me why I need to leave it long. They are so great. Which is why I'll probably cut my hair :)

+ I'm taking engagement pictures for a cute couple today. WHAT. Someone help me. What's your best photography tip for photographing couples?

+ Before your weekend starts, you have to check out Laura of Sincerely Laura. She's darling, and I feel like we're semi-neighbors (meaning she actually lives two hours north of me). You should probably start by reading this her, him and together post. Then you can move on to her darling style (how do I pick just one post to link to?), and how to have a reception in a church building without it being ugly. Laura is totally awesome and gorgeous. What more could you want from a blog? Go stop by and say hello!

Happy weekend :)


  1. Super cute picture of you. You look like you're in Kansas. Sorry my comment is so short, but I'm super busy...

  2. I love that micro-historian post! It's so true!
    I also love candid photos of couples especially when they're laughing together! The blooper reel is my favorite, you know the ones you'd never post?! I have plenty!
    And wow, that wedding has to be the best looking church wedding I've ever seen and I've seen A LOT!


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