Silver Lining: summer dreamin'

April 21, 2013

summer dreamin'

Remember summer nights? And outdoor wedding receptions, where it's warm enough for bare legs and dancing with no jacket and sipping italian sodas and sun on your eyelids?

Yeah, that sounds nice right about now.

*all pictures from my wedding

Anyone else dreaming
of summer weddings
and warm dancing nights?


  1. What beautiful pictures of your wedding! Yes, I could go for some dancing on a summer evening right about now.

  2. I love these photos of your wedding! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. your wedding pictures are lovely and yes bring summer soon!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I just read through your blog and you are so cute! We were sealed in the D.C. Temple and I graduated from BYU in 2010. I'm a Southerner :) so I'm back now in my home state of Georgia! I found you through Dreaming of Dimples. New follower!


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