Silver Lining: head in the clouds (to infinity and beyond!)

July 7, 2013

head in the clouds (to infinity and beyond!)

Everyone has priorities. My top ones include Sam and snowcones (not to worry, most days Sam comes out above snowcones ;) Jason's top priorities are stargazing, stargazing, and stargazing. Every night he begs us to take him outside the Utah Valley light pollution for better stargazing, and his telescope is his baby. Whenever we take it somewhere, he has to open the trunk and check on it periodically. If he's not holding it on his lap, that is ;)

So a trip to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City was in order. We rode the TRAX into the city on a gorgeous afternoon with ominously thick clouds that threatened to rain at any second, which made our adventure that much more exciting.

The good news is I'd weigh 9 ounces if I were floating on an asteroid near Neptune! But seriously, it was good seeing Jason so engaged in something he absolutely loves. And our summer bucket list is coming right along. Now somebody get the "boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider" chant out of my head. Please.


And if you missed it, the last day of my huge sponsorship sale is today (get the coupon code HERE). Also, this is my favorite photoshoot to boot, I may or may not have worn this outfit three times this week (to a wedding, to the grocery store, to anything), and angel food cake is my fave when it's drizzled in chocolate and stacked with strawberries.


  1. so much fun!
    i love the frontrunner!


  2. Have you taken him to the BYU planetarium?? It's pretty sweet!!

  3. Love these pictures. I am enchanted by anything science/space based and I've been lusting after this bad boy:


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