Silver Lining: one foot in summer, one foot in fall

August 18, 2013

one foot in summer, one foot in fall

Things have been going full force around here lately. This is the last weekend of summer, so we've been hitting up the pool and BBQs like our life depends on it. I have this theory about bottling up time. For every minute you spend relaxing or having fun in the summer, you're fortified for one minute of cold, dark winter. And hello, have you ever lived through a Utah winter like last winter? We need all the summer we can get! Thus the bonfires and water parks we've been going to like mad men this weekend.

On the other hand, my teacher meetings have started up again. The beginning of school might just be my favorite time of year. I get up early, but the sun's already out and shining. I go to work, excitedly pour over my class list, write names on nametags, and sharpen pencils. I can't wait to meet my students tomorrow!

So it's been kind of bipolar around here. One foot feverishly soaking up the summer, one foot excitedly leaning towards fall. Now that we've had a fun-filled summer weekend, I feel like I'm officially ready for fall.

In other news, I wore a semi-fall-ish outfit the other day, and this is a semi-fall-ish time of year, so here you go :)

And a shoutout to my ward of the state, who took these pictures. He's the best ward of the state ever, and plus, check out those breakdancing moves!

^^just in case myspace ever makes a comeback. one must be prepared for these types of things^^


  1. love your top and that little bow.
    and i'm always kind of ready for fall.
    its just my favorite. you know?


  2. you look sooooooo cute and jason did a great job with your photo's! Go him!

  3. Isn't that every good teacher's conflict!? "Love summer but I can't wait to meet my students too" You look adorable! I love your shirt. :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  4. Fall is absolutely my favorite! The clothes, the new school year, the cooler weather, everything! I have been wearing fall-ish outfits this weekend to :)

    Lovin' Lee Life

  5. super cute, as always. i love that top!


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