Silver Lining: this post is mostly about school supplies

August 14, 2013

this post is mostly about school supplies

I feel it only fair to warn you that, as a teacher during back to school season, my posts may be heavy on the school supply side of things. Which is fine by me, because the day when the supply order comes is Christmas for teachers. Something about all 8 markers being in the box, reams of paper waiting to be written on, pencils with the erasers that haven't been chewed off or used up, and crayons that haven't been shoved up any fifth grade noses yet. (What, still shoving crayons up noses in the fifth grade?) (Yes. And beyond.)

Yesterday I was at Walmart getting some school supplies. In the checkout line, there was a busy family in front of me. The mom turned around and said "these kids say you're a fifth grade teacher at our school." She introduced her darling oldest daughter who's going into fifth grade this year. The daughter wanted to know if she was in my class (wish we had our class lists already!). Then we discussed the decorative pencils in my cart, and how the green zebra stripe pencil was tied with the rainbow polka dot pencil for best pattern.

It was a 90-second conversation, but it was the link that had been missing this year. Until then, getting my class ready was mostly a checklist thing. That little conversation helped me get excited about the STUDENTS, the real life 10-year-old human beings who will be in my classroom losing one marker per box and erasing those erasers right off the end of the pencils. It was just what I needed, and now I'm truly excited for the year.

Here are a few more pictures of my classroom this year. As always, it's not done, but it's a good start!

And then the cashier lady asked me if I was a secretary(?). No ma'am I'm not, but if you find out about a major corporate office that writes with wide-ruled paper and has coloring time, let me know :)


  1. I started decorating my classroom as well! It's fun, but it's also a great relief to have that checked off!
    Our Fairy Tale

  2. It looks great! I'm hoping mine will be done tomorrow. I've been shipped off to so many meetings and trainings this week, it's been crazy!

  3. I made my little siblings look at this post before school, they were in AWE! Your classroom is seriously amazing!! Lucky kids in your class!

  4. I absolutely love love love the Giver! I read it in fifth grade and it's one of those books I've reread over and over and over. The read box is so cute! And I want to work at an office with markers!

  5. I always get really nostalgic at back to school time. I want to go out and by new pencils and pens and just be ready for something new to start. I'm a little bit jealous that that part of life gets to continue for teachers. Happy teaching! You've got some lucky students.

  6. Where are the children?

  7. That readbox idea is so cute!!


  8. I love your classroom! I need to come and see it. I'm sorry I've been absent so much of summer. I haven't been very helpful this year...


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