Silver Lining: Photographic evidence that teachers are crazy

April 23, 2014

Photographic evidence that teachers are crazy

Picture this: six small cabins nestled in a mountainside an hour outside of the nearest city. Beautiful crisp mornings and sunshine rising over the peaks. Three feet of glistening untouched snow. Sounds peaceful, right?

Now, add 150 screaming kids, three days of sleep deprivation, non-stop time and management commitments, and some live-in mice who are waaaaay too friendly.

Still sound peaceful?

That, my friends, sums up Clear Creek. It's an outdoor education camp we take our kiddos to. The 5th grade teachers are crazy for going every year, taking all those kiddos, and doing it for three days straight, but we do it anyway. The kids have a blast (at least we hope they do!), it really is beautiful up there, and oh the late-night bonding that happens after the students have been banished to their cabins!

I wish I could post pictures of the cute (and hyper!) kiddos, but as it is, you'll have to enjoy my beautiful coworkers and our sleep-deprived mountain women style :)

^^Look at these fabulous ladies. I seriously love my team!^^

I love the 5th grade team this year. They make Clear Creek so much fun. They also made fun of me for how poorly I reacted to those mice... Let's just say fear of mice is something I definitely have :)


  1. I wasn't jealous until I saw these pictures! I miss the good 'ol days at Clear Creek. Great memories!

    1. We missed you at Clear Creek this year!! Nobody can come up with the late-night questions like you can :)


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