Silver Lining: take me back

April 21, 2014

take me back

On long Mondays like today, all I can say is - take me back to the beach! We had so much fun walking the beaches of San Diego two weeks ago (Del Mar was our favorite, and where all these pictures were taken). We got sunburned, we threw rocks into the ocean, we walked up and down the coastline, we collected shells, and we watched the surfers for a long time.

Also, baby bump pictures happened. I was so self-conscious to take these because hello, six months pregnant posing in a swimsuit?? But hey, this is a babymoon, and that's kind of the point of babymoons. Celebrate that bump! And even though my tummy is bigger than it's ever been, and the scale shows a weight I've never seen before, I'm proud of my body and the fact that it's letting me grow a human being. So here's to those swimsuit pictures - I'm deciding to be proud and own them!

PS - ignore the dirt on my lens :/

Happy Monday!


  1. OH my gosh, you're the cutest prego mom. Love that bathing suit.

  2. Great shots! Your so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness, that shot of you is priceless. You've gotta print that and hang it up! It's very beautiful.

  4. I loved this! <3 The pictures you took were absolutely gorgeous, and your daughter is so adorable! (I also love the pictures of that beach!)

    Thanks so much for hosting this linkup! :]


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