Silver Lining: apartment tour

November 4, 2015

apartment tour

Today I wanted to share a tour of our apartment in Arizona. Before we moved, we briefly entertained the thought of a house (no shared walls! a garage! a yard in which Claire can run amuck!). But honestly it doesn't make sense for us to live anywhere besides an apartment while Sam's in grad school. So, begrudgingly, I started looking for apartments.

We surprised ourselves by finding an apartment that fits all of our needs right now. We love how quiet and beautiful our community is. We love that we feel safe going outside at night (let's just say we visited lots of other complexes in Tempe that did not have that same feeling). We're not mad about the two swimming pools either. So, while our dream of no shared walls and a garage is still on hold, this was such a great compromise for the next few years.

Here are a few pictures of our little casita, starting with the living room:
^^^Jason made those three big canvases for us back in Provo. Aren't they awesome? We love Jason, he is the best, and we get to see him in 51 days, the end.
 ^^You can see our little back porch off to the left. We love sitting out there at night.

 ^^Our eating area. Help needed! See this huge blank wall? I can't decide what to put there. A gigantic world map? A gigantic mirror? A gigantic garland? Clearly, I want it to be gigantic. Suggestions?

 ^^A few pictures of our little galley kitchen.
 ^^Tutorial for these DIY fridge magnets here.
^^Dirty dishes in the sink, because clearly I can't be expected to have my living room AND my kitchen clean at the same time. ;)
 ^^When we first moved in, our porch door had old off-white blinds on it. On our first full day here, I looked over and Claire was trying to wrap the hanging cord around her neck like a necklace. I had such a big panic attack! We spent the next two months trying to make sure the cord was wrapped up high out of Claire's reach, which was hard because the cord fell down every time the door was opened.

When Smith & Noble offered to install safe blinds for me, I jumped on that offer so fast! We love that these blinds are semi-transparent, so they let light in, and they're cordless and 100% safe for my busy toddler. Read more about child window safety, request free samples and consultations, and learn how to trade in your outdated unsafe window treatments here.
We often end up with the blinds halfway up like this so Claire can still play with her stained glass desert (remember it from this post?). Honestly, I can't say enough good things about these blinds, or how nice it feels to know your window treatments are safe. 

 ^^These baskets are either empty and clean or overflowing and super disorganized. Somebody teach me about the middle ground.

And there you have it!

If you're interested in the rest of our apartment, you can see Claire's nursery here. We also have two bathrooms, a laundry closet, and our master bedroom. The master bedroom isn't shown because it is absolutely overflowing with dressers, a keyboard, Costco folding tables acting as desks, piles of laundry, random photography backdrops, and a huge pile of things "I'll get to one day." Moving piles of stuff to hide in the back room is my number one talent. ;)

PS Enter to win a cool $1,000 here. A huge thank you to Smith & Noble for my new cordless blinds, and for sponsoring this post today. #SafeandStylish #WindowSafety

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