Silver Lining: the long distance thing

May 27, 2016

the long distance thing

The other day, I came across a blog post that was talking about husbands. The post asked, "What's your favorite thing to see your husband do?" At first, I wondered if it was in bad taste to answer "the dishes." What can I say, I love a clean kitchen, and I love it when I'm not the one who cleans it. ;)

Then I thought about the past few weeks. Sam and I spent them apart, doing the long distance thing. I was in Utah, house sitting and baby sitting, and he was here starting his new internship. (Did I mention he got a good internship after the last one fell through at the last minute? Hooray!) I gained a new level of appreciation for couples who regularly do long distance. It's hard! And not for the faint of heart! And here we were separated for only a few weeks, with regular access to FaceTime and phone calls and texts.

During the time we were apart, I missed a lot of things about Sam. But you know what I might have missed most? The belly laugh Claire was doing within three minutes of being back with her daddy. I mean, my toddler is a generally happy person, and she definitely laughed a lot while she was in Utah with me. But she has this huge deep belly laugh, and there's only one person in the world who can make her do it: her daddy.

I often look up to Sam because he's so great at making parenting decisions without questioning whether he's doing the right thing or not. He just has this knack for knowing when Claire needs to be thrown in the air for a good belly laugh, when she needs to calm down and have a quiet snuggle with him, and when she needs a little bit of firm parenting.

Is it any wonder Claire runs out to the porch every morning when Sam leaves for work? She climbs up on her little chair so her eyes can barely peek over the balcony and she can say a second goodbye to daddy. Their love, and watching him be a dad, is such a wonder to me.

Basically this video sums up their relationship (and isn't that such a sweet clip? I've watched it several times already). I can't wait to watch my husband be a dad to the twins as well. He's such a natural father, and I love him for it.

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So now I'm curious. For all my married friends:
What are your favorite things to see your husband do?
And what's the best thing about watching your husband become a dad?

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