Silver Lining: a spring break afternoon at the temple

March 6, 2017

a spring break afternoon at the temple

One great thing about grad school is all the breaks you get. We're starting our week of spring break right now, and since corporate America doesn't give spring breaks like schools do, this time next year will probably just be a regular week day. We're determined to soak up every second of this spring break while we still can.

Of course, we currently have one sick (teething?) baby that was up most of the night. And we both still have work this week. So the number one thing on my to-do list today is nap. We're high rollers, I know.

Yesterday we finished dinner early and decided to take a spontaneous trip to the temple to walk around for a while. The weather has been beyond gorgeous and I feel like I need to bottle it up so the memory of perfect-weather days can get me through the scorching season to come. I tried this last year with a 0% success rate, but I'm hoping it won't feel as hot this year since I don't have two human beings growing inside me like last summer.

Regardless, the temple grounds are gorgeous. We love the unique architecture of the building itself. Well, Sam and I do. Claire just loves the huge fields of grass she can run on, and the twins were content to silently look around like always.

 ^^Cactus pics for daysssss
 ^^ Rolling up her sleeve a bit so she could splash in the water. I'm fairly certain we were not models of perfect behavior.

 ^^^ I love these small humans so very, very much. Look at Claire's little pose! And you can really see the size difference of the twins here.

^^ The tongue sticking out as she runs is cracking me up.

The stress of Sam's job search has been so very hard on our family lately, so it was perfect for us to get out and enjoy being together for an hour without talking about job leads or work schedules or anything.

Here's to spring break.

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